" I have been with Just Accountants for over two years now. They have provided good targeted leads for us that not only match our locations but our skill set. I have also found the team very helpful in assisting us in following up with leads and signing up the clients. It was a great idea setting up the reciprocal agreement where we introduce leads back to them. This allows us to offer complete solutions to our clients and benefit from it at the same time."

    LOUCAS ACCOUNTANTS Athos Louca Managing Partner


    " We have been using Just Accountants since 2012, and in that time have been introduced to a number of new clients. In our personal opinion, they are one of the best referrals sites we have ever worked with for generating new leads."

    LAWRENCE GRANT Paul Levy Partner

  • KIRK RICE Logo

    " We have been working with Just Accountants since 2012 and have been extremely pleased with the quality of opportunities provided and subsequently the new clients won. Just Accountants have been a very good source of new business for us and we value the relationship."

    KIRK RICE Delia Rice Partner


    " We have enjoyed a successful relationship with Just Accountants now for a number of years. The referrals have generally been of a very good quality and we have converted a good proportion of them into clients. They are also excellent at following up leads and reigniting them when they appear to have gone cold. Also, our relationship with the SFP group generally has been very rewarding. They have dealt with our client’s needs with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. Their staff seem to hit just the right balance of friendliness and professionalism. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other accountants and clients. "

    HILLIER HOPKINS Joel Harding Partner

  • BTMR Logo

    " We have been involved with the joint venture with Just Accountants for over 4 years and during that time we have always found them to be very helpful and approachable. They have consistently demonstrated a “can do” attitude and have assisted a number of our clients in resolving their affairs. We have also had many referrals from them for the provision of our services with a good number of them becoming valued clients of our firm. It has been a fruitful relationship for all parties and I look forward to a continuing relationship with them."

    BTMR Robert Jackson Managing Partner


    " Simpson Wreford & Co have worked with Just Accountants since 2013. We have a strong relationship with them and through the opportunities they have provided we have managed to secure a number of new clients. Their professional and diligent approach is refreshing and ultimately leads to a higher success rate on referred work. We value the relationship that we have with them."

    SIMPSON WREFORD & Co Ryan Taylor Partner

  • GRUNBERG & Co Logo

    " Grunberg & Co have worked with Just Accountants for several years on a reciprocal basis. Their importance to getting leads to us of a good quality shows their care and attention is at the highest level, which helps us convert these prospects into clients. They have afforded the same care and attention to the business we have introduced to them. Long may this relationship continue."

    GRUNBERG & Co Robert Bean Partner


    " Just Accountants are providing an exceptionally useful facility to business people in the UK who are looking for accountancy expertise , in that they have done all the research on the accountancy providers within all areas of the country and are able to match suitable providers with the needs of the enquirer . They will also only recommend professionally qualified providers , ensuring you receive best quality advice . They also provide a number of other useful sources of contacts including accessing all types of business funding , property issues and business restructuring . A very valuable site for business owners "

    CHEADLES ACCOUNTANTS Martin Cheadle Managing Partner

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