No matter what size your business (even if you are a start-up) you will want to take advantage of the skills an accountant can bring to your business. There has been a recent change in what accountants have to offer and you will likely benefit. This change is down to increased expectations from businesses such as yourself as well as the introduction of new cloud accountancy software making its mark on streamlining accountancy operations. Read on and discover what a modern accountant can do for you.

There are a few basic services an accountant will offer:

Often, business owners see an accountant as a high cost where actually, accountants usually pay for themselves two-fold. It is within the medium to long term where an accountant’s guidance and experience help to save you money and increase your profits.

The best accountants will also provide you with advice above and beyond general accountancy.

Modern day accountancy advice could include:

  • Pro active Commercial Finance Advice to fund your business
  • Advice on major commercial decisions to improve the return on investments
  • Credit control advice to protect your investments
  • Finance planning development together with accurate forecasting
  • Specific tax advice to lower costs and increase profit
  • Benefits of changing to a limited company
  • Advice on the best business legal structure

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It is not just advice and guidance which a modern accountant will bring to the equation. The latest accountancy techniques also involve using cloud accountancy. This is a piece of software which links your spreadsheets from your computer to your accountants’ computer in real time. So, whenever you update your figures, your accountant will be able to advise and provide you with feedback instantly.

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