With the world becoming more and more mobile every day, we have seen a dramatic shift in the role mobile phones play in our lives. No longer just used to make calls and send text messages the new generation of smart phones has allowed us to do virtually any task at the touch of a button, from counting calories to getting movie times, there is an app for nearly everything.

The trend has now started to enter the work place and for many industries there are apps that help to make peoples lives easier. This is also evident within the finance sector. There is a large number of new apps which have been launched to make financial tasks easier, but with so much variety, which is the best one for you? Here is a list of our 5 favourite apps for people in the financial sector.


A great app that helps people manage their personal finance, more specifically saving money. SavedPlus allows the user to put in place a clear financial goal and then automatically save a specified percentage of the money that they spend throughout each day, until the goal is reached. The concept for this app is fantastic as it allows you to forget about saving money as it will do it for you and will help you to ensure that you are going to reach your savings goal.


Managing your finances can be a tricky task to get right, often you are busy checking different accounts and calculating your various expenditures. Learnvest aims to bring all of your accounts into one easy to manage place. It’s an innovative way to track your spending habits and see where you could be saving more money. What makes this app truly unique is the personal service that is offered. In order to get the app you must call up and speak to one of Learnvest’s financial specialist advisors and they will go through what you want to achieve financially within a set period of time (usually 5 years).You will then be sent an interactive custom plan from your advisor along with advice and bite size goals to help you get to where you want to be.

James Caan’s business secrets

An app that has everything you need to know for setting up your own company, with advice and tips from one of Britain’s most well known entrepreneurs, James Caan. This app is all about giving people the right advice and is free to download. Apart from various tips and videos you will also have access to James’s audio books ‘The Real Deal’, ‘Get The Job You Really Want’, and ‘Start Your Business in 7 Days, also free of charge. A must have for any aspiring entrepreneurs or business owners.


Similar to SavedPlus this app is also a personal finance tracker. However there are a few differences, firstly quicken allows you to have all data stored on both your computer and phone so you can sync changes whenever you need to. Its most unique feature is that it allows you to takes pictures of any receipts or related financial documents and store them in the Quicken cloud whilst attaching them to the relevant account.

Invoice ASAP

Created for business owners who have issues with keeping up with all their invoices. The app aims to store all invoices on one mobile application which makes it easier for the business owner to invoice their customers at the click of a button.

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