The limited company accounting landscape is fraught with deadlines and legislation. Limited companies require the right kind of accountant to organise their finances and ensure that they’re not stepping over any penalty lines – all the while finding ways to save them money.

Traditional Accounting Services

Main services that Limited Company Accountants should provide:

  • Updating of financial and accounting records
    A limited company accountant is responsible for updating of company accounts. They should also be aware of financial and accounting records related to debentures, indemnities, sales of company shares and company loans or mortgages.
  • Preparing your company’s annual (‘statutory’) accounts
    This information must be sent to Companies House. It will also be used to complete and send a Company Tax Return for HMRC, as well as when paying Corporation Tax (or declaring to HMRC that your company does not owe it anything in taxes)
  • Filing paperwork
    This includes filing your Company Tax Return with HMRC and your company’s annual accounts with Companies House. There may be other paperwork that needs to be completed and submitted, depending on your company’s circumstances.
  • Keeping track of deadlines
    Your accountant should know, remember and meet deadlines for filing paperwork (e.g. with Companies House or HMRC) and paying Corporation Tax. Late payments can result in penalties, so it is crucial that you have someone to whom you can entrust this responsibility.
  • Auditing
    Some private limited companies are not required to have their annual accounts audited. If this is the case, your accountant should make the necessary declaration on your balance sheet. However, if your company does require an audit, it will require an independent accountant to go through its accounts. In some cases, a limited company may not require an audit, but its shareholders may ask for one.
  • Protecting your limited company
    Your accountant should be well-versed in limited company accounting and finance law, and take the appropriate compliance and protective measures to prevent the company from falling foul of HMRC legislation.
  • What Does The Modern Accountant Do?

    We at Just Accountants work with what we call ‘The Modern Accountant’. This is someone who if forward-thinking, who oversees and executes all the responsibilities of a ‘traditional accountant’, but who also brings something extra to the table. The ‘Modern Accountant’ will do these two important things:

  • Save your company money
    The Modern Accountant will use all information at his or her disposal – the latest business and economic news, legislation and trends, the latest breakthroughs in technology, and more – in order to save your company money.
  • Help your business grow
    Modern Accountants are more than bookkeepers; they are also finance strategists, sitting in place to advise and support your limited company’s Financial Director. They do not just balance your accounts, but are always working proactively to help your business grow.
  • If you’re looking for a Modern Accountant, call 08000463690 or email to speak to one of the experts at Just Accountants. They will provide up to four recommendations based on your requirements, in order to pair you up with the best-fit Modern Accountant for your Limited Company. This service is free, and you are at no obligation to sign up with an accountant unless you are sure that he or she is right for your limited company.

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