It’s coming to that time of year again that many businesses dread. Tax returns are due in just over two weeks. With the deadline looming ever closer many businesses are now entering a frantic scramble to find the right accountant for their tax returns.

A common issue many businesses will have that are facing this dilemma is making sure that they hire the right accountant for the job. There is definitely no shortage of accountants that are willing to help, however we see that an “any accountant will do” approach can be harmful to your business.

You need an accountant that really gets how you and your business operate. Someone that you can generate a strong relationship with, and that helps you get a better grasp of your financial situation. Our free and impartial service could be the solution you are looking for.

We have handpicked some of the best accountants in the country who specialise in a variety of different business areas. An important part of our process is evaluating your business; we want you to tell us about your business and what it is exactly that you require. We find that by doing this we are ensuring that any accountants we suggest to you will fit in with your business perfectly.

Speciality areas

New businesses / ventures – Any business that is just starting off, will need an accountant who can help to create a strong financial foundation for the business to grow from. Our accountants that specialise in this area can help with creating contracts, helping you register your business and finding any tax exemptions you may be entitled to as a new business.

Solicitors / legal profession – Often the regulations set forth by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) can be confusing and very time consuming for you to handle. Our accountants are up to date with all the latest news and updates from the SRA which will help to keep your businesses financial integrity intact. You can rest easy knowing that your accounts are being handled by an accountant who understands the industry.

Limited companies – Experience is something our accountants pride themselves on, and with limited companies it is no different. We can help with paying dividends, repaying a directors loan, choosing the right VAT scheme and much more.

Construction – An area that can be confusing for many our accountants have a strong knowledge base of what the rules and regulations area round this industry including the HMRC’s construction industry scheme (CIS).

Our process

Our process is designed to make things as easy as possible for you. In order to this we have broken down our process in to five easy steps that will help you to save time and find the perfect accountant hassle free.

  1. Contact us by filling in a contact form or alternatively call us on 0800 046 3690.
  2. One of our consultants will call you to discuss your requirements in detail.
  3. The consultant will then match your requirements with a list of accountants and find the best-fit for your business.
  4. The consultant will put you in direct contact with the accountant to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.
  5. The accountant will be in contact to discuss your requirements in further detail. You decide if you wish to take the relationship further.

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