Property Investment and Management

Property related Tax is an increasingly complex area. For this reason it is essential that landlords seek advice from a specialist taxation and accountancy advisor. Landlord accountants, with specialist knowledge in the property sector, will ensure a strategy is devised which best suits your individual needs.

Buy-to-let is an ever increasing investment opportunity, although information about the ever-changing tax issues facing property investors is not necessarily readily available. Accounting for landlords and, in particular, property tax are extremely complex areas – but it is imperative that landlords are compliant, meet their reporting obligations and also ensure they are paying the minimum amount of tax on any rental profits.

Two clear benefit of buy-to-let market are:

  • Relatively secure capital gains can be made on eventual sale
  • Favourable income returns can be generated throughout the period of ownership

There are numerous factors that can affect the returns in both capital and income, Landlords need to be aware of the tax issues facing them not only as property investors but also as individuals with other businesses, careers and investments.

Accountants for Individuals and Businesses

Just Accountants have an approved panel of accountants, a number of which specialise in property matters.

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