Medical Sector Accountants

The medical industry is one of the more complex business sectors and it is, therefore, essential that you are engaging a professional advisor with the necessary experience.

Whether you are a practising GP, a locum, a hospital doctor, consultant or searching for an accountant for a surgery or medical practise, our specialist medical accountants are able to assist and fully understand your needs.

Our panel of specialist doctors accounts can help ensure you have the appropriate tax code, the most appropriate legal entity to operate within and ensure professional subscriptions are accounted for.

The Medical Sector is Specialist

It is common practise for locums to work under differing conditions, potentially partially PAYE and also operating within a limited company, this means a doctor’s accounts are not a one size fits all solution. Our accountants who specialise in this area will understand these scenarios and would be best placed to advise you regarding your personal tax position.

If you are working for an agency you will invariably be requested to register a limited company. Our accountants for doctors can advise you on the benefits and ensure you are able to maximise your expenses claimed.

Although self-assessments are generally straightforward, this is not necessarily the case in the medical profession. It is common place for doctors, locums and medics to pay excessive tax or NI, this can be reclaimed but it is obviously better to ensure the initial submission is accurate.

Whatever your position within the medical sector you should seriously consider working with a firm of accountants that have long standing expertise and specific experience in your industry.

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