With the festive period fast approaching you can often find yourself looking to save as much cash as possible. Christmas is the biggest shopping period in the year and with so many businesses putting up deals and offers it can often be a challenge to keep your money in your pocket.

Yes the holidays are a time for spending but it can often feel like you are forced to go to the extremes. For retailers this is their perfect time of year, as sales figures will never be higher.  In this article we will explore ways in which you can save money, avoid big spends and still have an amazing Christmas.

Top tips

  • Forget conventional Christmas cards and use e-cards instead – Sending a card at Christmas is a time honoured tradition, but can be costly. By replacing physical cards with e cards you are saving money and the sentiment remains the same. It is easy to find a free template online or to simply create one.
  • Be creative – Having a low budget holiday doesn’t mean you can’t have just as much fun, if not more. Making your own decorations for your house and tree can be a great way to get all the family involved and have fun.
  • Research – Take the time to check online for sale days at your local stores. Compare prices and always plan in advance. By launching a pre emptive strike on the sales you are sure to save yourself valuable pounds!
  • Manage your finances – Set up your budget and then plan ahead. Allocate funds to areas where you will be spending large amounts of money; be sure to never go over your budget and always monitor what you spend and where.
  • Save it for Boxing Day! – What is probably the largest shopping day of the year is also a great chance for you to pick up some bargains. With nearly all shops slashing prices it might be an idea to save and plan for this day.
  • Bargain shop – Decorations and wrapping paper are items you purchase year in year out, why spend over the odds on something you will only use once? Go to shops where you know decorations will be cheap and cheerful to avoid any nasty surprises.
  • Buy for next year – In the days after Christmas and New Year’s Day we see all the excess Christmas stock that retailers have, being sold for peanuts. After all who needs Christmas decorations after Christmas? See this as an opportunity, Buy it for next year and just keep in the attic till then, its one more thing off your list.

The holidays can seem daunting for many with the costs being so high, but by being careful and proper planning there is no reason why your Christmas can’t be just as great for half the price! The is above are great for saving a little cash around the holidays remember to always keep an eye out for a bargain and plan ahead.

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