We often hear about despair in the job market. Many graduates and even some experienced professionals are finding it increasingly difficult to get the jobs they deserve. So when you’re offered a job interview it can be pretty stressful, as there is often so much riding on it.

An interview is a chance for the employer to asses you and your skills. It is your opportunity to show why you are the best for the position and what you can do for the company. The process can often seem intimidating and the questions can feel more like an interrogation. Below are our top five tips to help you get your dream job.

1. Be Prepared – Fail to prepare and you are preparing to fail! Always know your company and their industry. You will often be quizzed on your knowledge of company history and activities, be sure to do your home work. Check websites and read reviews, familiarise yourself with products and services that they offer. Always look at a company’s social media it can give you a good indication of their opinions and interests. Show you are like minded and up to date with all current events in the industry.
Look into the market place analyse who the company’s main competitors. By doing this you are demonstrating that you are a meticulous researcher and that you are also passionate about the company and the industry. These are qualities and employer will look for in a new employee.

2. Practice makes perfect – Mock interviews can be a great way to prepare for the real thing. It’s like training for a marathon the more you do it the easier it will become. Get friends family and anyone with employment experience to help out. Running through ideas on how to answer questions can be good too. When a question is asked, think why are they asking this what is the purpose of this question?

3. Confidence – Being confident in yourself is a must before being able to show your confidence in an interview. Be comfortable with who you are and be yourself, the interviewer is trying to gauge what kind of a person you are, and how you would fit in with the company. Your personality must come through but not overwhelm. Body language can also show confidence, don’t fidget or slouch stand upright and don’t forget to smile. You want to leave a good impression and one that will last in the mind of the interviewer. 

4. Turn weaknesses into strengthsIn an interview it is not uncommon to be asked what your weaknesses are. An odd question and not one that is easily answered. Who wants to highlight their flaws in an interview? This question is designed to see if you have the ability to critique yourself and identify areas that need improvement. A great way to answer this question is to highlight a weakness and show how you have turned it into a strength. E.G. A weakness of mine has always been presenting. Over the last few years I have constantly put myself in positions where I have had to present to large numbers of people, this has given me more confidence in my ability to present and I now feel this previous weakness has developed into one of my greatest strengths.

5.Ask questions – In every interview you will be asked if there are any questions you would like to ask. It’s always good idea to ask something about the company or role. Maybe you have seen a new project of theirs on their website or in the news; it might be an idea to ask if you would have a chance to work on this. These types of questions highlight that you have done your homework and that you are eager to get started.

An interview is all about evaluating you and your skills, seeing if you have the skills and the personality to fit in with the company. Be sure to look over company culture and asses how your attributes match with them. Always be yourself and keep calm.

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