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Running payroll services for a business is no longer just an administrative function. It requires knowledge of HMRC’s RTI (Real Time Information) software as well as knowledge of the requirements of the Working Time Directive and all other employment law obligations now placed on a business. In future it may also have an impact on your employees benefit entitlements. Regardless of your experience in payroll accounting and payroll management, you are expected to have full knowledge of your obligations as an employer.

The cost of falling foul of these laws and obligations can be costly to your business, not only in terms of potential penalties that could be levied on you, but also the time that will be taken up in dealing with an enquiry from any number of different government bodies.

The answer is to use the services of professional payroll outsourcing companies who can deal with all the various aspects of payroll and employment law obligations on a business. Outsourcing payroll is normally a relatively inexpensive service, but one that could lift a considerable burden from the shoulders of the business owner and free up his time to concentrate on building his real business.

For more information on how Just Accountants can assist your business with payroll outsourcing, please contact us and we will be glad to help you get in touch with experienced payroll companies in your area.

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