Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services

Keeping up-to-date and accurate company books is a must for any company, irrespective of size.  Company Law requires directors to prepare financial statements annually. They are responsible for keeping accounting records that are sufficient to show and explain the entity’s transactions, and disclose with reasonable accuracy the financial position of the entity at any time.

The role of a bookkeeper has evolved and greater use of technology has seen a shift in focus for bookkeepers over recent times. The days of having a permanent or part time member of staff or freelancer are slowly being replaced with cloud based bookkeeping solutions. Cloud based accounting systems use technology to replicate certain aspects of the role of a bookkeeper, creating efficiencies both in terms of cost and time. They do not eradicate the need for an individual to be involved to review transactions and manage the work, but they do assist in allowing the delivery of information to management in a more efficient timescale and in a format of their choosing.  Many businesses are now reviewing their bookkeeping services and choosing to explore the cloud based solution.

Just Accountants understands this need and have compiled a national network of trusted advisors to deliver unique outsourced bookkeeping solutions for the entrepreneurs of today – so we are ideally placed to help find a bookkeeper or bookkeeping solution for your business. At Just Accountants, we believe that a business owner needs an accountant who can understand and adapt to challenges as they arise.

Having a national network of trusted advisors ensures that business owners are given a selection of local providers at the outset and allows them to choose the right bookkeeping services for their business. All of our advisors provide cloud based accounting packages, together with the more traditional bookkeeping offering. This allows business owners to review and decide for themselves which is the right route for them and their business.

We are confident that working with our trusted advisors will not only create immediate efficiencies, but also shape your business for the future, so contact us today to help find UK bookkeepers near you.

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