The ICEAW have set up a new website which allows accountants to search various volunteering opportunities at not-for-profit organisations. Accountants are able to browse various through charities, schools and other not-for-profit organisations who have posted openings for volunteers who can undertake various accountancy related roles in the organisations.

How it works

Not-for-profit organisations create an account on the ICAEW Volunteers website and post their volunteer openings relating to accountancy. These roles can vary from School Governors to Trustees, all offering opportunities for accountants to help out.

Opportunities can be searched by categories including by sector and by location, allowing accountants to browse for local volunteering opportunities.

The site also offers advice on volunteering which may be useful to a first time volunteer.

How useful are free accountants?

An on-going debate in the accountancy world includes the paid vs. free accountant for charities and not-for-profits. The benefit of a free accountant is, of course, you do not have to pay for the accountant services and for hundreds of not for profit organisations this works out perfectly for them. But why would you choose against having a free accountant?

Be aware of the potential pitfalls of free accountants:

  • Applying for a free accountant is a long process as you wait and hope an accountant is willing to free up their time for your business. Can you wait for accountancy services?
  • These accountants are volunteers. Although they may promise to give you their time and usually mean well, in the end of day you are likely to be the first ‘job’ which they drop when times get hard. Potentially leaving you without accountancy services for a long period of time.
  • At Just Accountants we believe that a good accountant more than make up for the fees they charge by cutting your costs through tax savings and insuring you receive the right amount of Government funding you are entitled to as a not-for-profit, charity or research organisation. It is possible that a volunteer accountant may try to take any short-cut available to them when looking to reduce your tax…potentially compromising your business as you are hit by tax evasion or other charges.

Looking for an accountant for your not-for-profit?

If you are seeking the services of an accountant for your charity, you may want to sign up to the new ICAEW Volunteers website though you may have to wait for accountants to seek you out before benefit from any services. The second option is seek out the accountant yourself, either by going through the Just Accountants free accountancy finding service or by conducting your own searches online/through friends.

Are you an accountant seeking leads?

If you are an accountant reading this page, you may want to check out the ICAEW Volunteers website or alternatively sign up to Just Accountants and begin receiving charity and other not-for-profit leads, and more. Volunteering can provide a massive sense of achieving and it will be good to test whether helping others really is the best form of happiness, even if it is only volunteering for a weekend.

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