Whether you want to be your own boss or you think you have spotted a gap in the market, starting a new business can be tough. With so much hype behind new start ups and ventures, making your new business stand out can be tricky.

Starting a business is a great opportunity for you to take control of your own future. Often the first step is the hardest. You have decided to start your own business but what do you do first?

Tailor your products/services – Your businesses focal point should be its product. Without the right product or service your business is dead in the water. Recognise the needs of the consumer and create a product that fills a demand.

Create a business plan – Strategy is essential; by planning out your business step by step you ensure that you are never lost. Planning can also be a great way to entice potential investors in your business. For more information on starting a business plan click here.

Funding – Your business will need finance. Banks are one option that many businesses go for however many are also wary of high interest rates. Another service that many businesses in the B2B sector are starting to move to is Invoice Finance. This is a great system that allows a company to borrow against their own invoices. More information on Invoice Finance can be found here.

Marketing – Shout about your business! Discover what makes you different and entice customers through your marketing strategy. Ask yourself what kind of a brand are you? Who is your target demographic? Who are your competitors? More information on branding can be found here.

Social Media – Be sure to utilise social media, it is a great tool to interact with customers and get useful feedback for your business. Social media can also open your business up to a much wider audience. For more information on how to use Facebook or LinkedIn please click the links.

Find the right accountant – Any new business will need an accountant to help keep track of finances and file tax returns. However, finding the right accounting services for new businesses can be a challenge. As a new venture you may not be familiar with what an accountant should be doing for you. Here at Just Accountants we can guarantee you a pro active accountant that will fit your business and your personality. Their services can include:

  • Book keeping
  • Auditing
  • VAT Services
  • Payroll services
  • Tax accounting services
  • Business mentorship / Advice

All of our accountants have been handpicked by our team to make sure that they offer you the best service possible. After a free consultation with our team we will work to find an accountant that meets your specific requirements and is in an area that is convenient to you. At no point are you under any obligation to sign with the accountants we recommend unless you wish to pursue a relationship with them. The service is designed to be as hassle free as possible, by simply calling us or filling out the short application form on our homepage you could find the perfect accountant for your business today.

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