Modern accountants can be seen everywhere online, from Twitter to search engines, LinkedIn to Google +. On top of that, when you do visit their establishments (if they have one) you could well be offered champagne and a massage chair to sit in for a few minutes before your meeting. Modern UK accountants have definitely changed their approach on accountancy over the last couple of decades, but what has bought all of this about?

Technology Advances

One of the obvious reasons for changes to how accountants have been practicing their trade is due to technology advances. This includes anything from emails on mobile phones and new accounting software, but particularly more recently, the adoption of cloud technology.

With new ways to communicate data and quickly analyse results, cloud accounting software is shaping how modern accountants and business owners interact and engage with each other. Data sheets are instantly send over to accountants, freeing up everyone’s time and usually improving precision.

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More regulations than ever

With the increasing number of regulations for different industries and business structures, it is no wonder different types of accountants have been appearing. A contractor will want to seek out an accountant specialised in the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) rather than settling on an accountant with little experience in contractor payment law.

As each new regulation appears, accountants are becoming increasingly specialised. These modern specialists offer a tailored approach for businesses, often leading to a more competitive service for the business owner.

Business Expectations

General expectations from business owners are changing. They are expecting more from their accountant and with the recent increase in start-up businesses, entrepreneurs need more than basic analysis of historical data.

The move from basic advisor to strategic partner has put accountants into the position of a strong influence on business decision making, adding real value to the businesses they serve. By being proactive, the modern accountant often takes an interest in business as well as financial operations, suggest new ways to finance a company and advising on the best business structure to choose for a specific business.

Find your Modern UK Accountant

If you think your business may benefit from an accountant with a fresh approach to their role in your organising, it is fairly easy to find one. You can visit Twitter or any other social media and a simple search for accountants in your area is bound to find results. The difficult part is choosing which one is the best fit for your business.

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