In an industry as fast paced as the finance industry getting employment can be tough. The industry demands individuals who are adaptable and knowledgeable in their field. The world of finance is largely based on relationships, when dealing with money and accountants trust is a must and reputation counts for a lot.

Finance is an industry that offers a large scope for opportunity and connections. Entering into the Job market for finance can be tricky as it is sometimes hard to understand what traits and qualities employers are looking for. So how do you ensure that you have the best chance of employability within this sector?

What employers are looking for?

Although each employer and each organisation is different there are a number of core competencies that remain the same throughout any job specification.

Communication – This is the cornerstone of any successful application. Communication in the workplace is the key to creating relationships and also with building rapport with clients. A good communicator is seen as a necessity in many finance roles due to the amount of interaction one must go through on a daily basis be it phone calls, emails or face to face interactions.

Organised – Fast paced work environments require one to be highly organised and up to date with key tasks on a regular basis. Employers will keep an eye out for examples of organisational skills in your CV so be sure to shout about any experience you may have.

Passion – Love what you do. Having a real passion for something is a good indicator that you are willing to give it your all. Passion creates a drive to excel in your field and employers understand that this will mean an increase in productivity.

Qualified – It goes without saying that you will need to be qualified in your field, but qualified doesn’t necessarily mean a degree. There are plenty of businesses out there that value experience over qualification, so don’t let a lack of qualifications stop you trying.

Team Player – As part of a bigger picture working in a team will become common in the workplace. Be sure to communicate and listen to what your co-workers have to say. Ensuring a calm and peaceful working environment is done through team working and communication and a happy work place equals happy employees.

Leadership / initiative – Employers want to see someone who can think for themselves and take initiative. Showing initiative is a good indicator that you are willing to try new things and think outside the box. Leadership is shown through initiative and being accepted as a team / group leader with your peers, this trait can put you on the radar for a promotion to get more responsibility.

How can I make myself more employable?

  • Learn about the company you are applying to and understand its products / services. In an interview a common question is “tell us what you know about the company”.
  • Tailor your CV to the company in question. Making the extra effort really can make a difference and help you to stand out from the crowd.
  • Ask about opportunities to develop. This will show that you are looking to learn and expand your repertoire of skills.
  • Gain new experience. Never stay stagnant in the job market, always look for new opportunities and ways to gain new experiences to add on your CV.
  • Be confident in yourself. Confidence shows that you are ready for this opportunity and you are prepared for the responsibility that comes with the job.

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