In an age of mass consumerism every business is trying to be the market leader in its chosen sector. With so many companies and brands competing for consumer attention, it can be hard to differentiate your business from others within your industry. Giving your brand a strong identity can be the solution you are looking for. A brand identity is a great way to reinforce your relationship with the customer, encourage repeat business and establish your company in your chosen market.

Brand identity encompasses various branding and marketing activities a company does. It is as amalgamation of the brands name, product design, packaging design and marketing communications. Identity can be a useful tool for brand managers to steer their products to certain demographics or emphasize their products USP’s.

What is a strong brand identity?

A strong brand identity is one that builds a positive relationship with the consumer. Strength in a brands identity can mean more sales and higher brand recognition. By having an iconic design, product or logo your product has a better chance of standing out on the shelves against its competitors. The visual identity is an essential part of building the right image and the right associations with your target market.

Examples of strong brand identities

Apple – When talking about the latest innovations and creations in the mobile phone industry, Apple is a brand that is usually at the forefront of the conversation. Recently being ranked as the number one brand in the world the technology giant has revolutionised the way we perceive and use mobile phones. Its brand strategy saw mobiles phones as a fashionable accessory for the consumer, focused on design and style it has rapidly developed a fan following and is one of the most recognisable brands in the world.

Coca Cola – A brand whose heritage speaks for itself. It is the number one drinks brand in the world and has been around for more than a century. Many believe that the company was the first to use “coupons” in the world, offering a glass of free Coke in 1888 to any coupon holders. Its various marketing activities helped to propel the business into every corner of the globe. These included sponsorships of various events including the Olympics and features in countless Hollywood movies.

The Walt Disney Company – When you think about your childhood, more than likely there will be a Disney reference in their somewhere. The Disney Company has created one of the most successful children’s entertainment brands on the planet. Its identity fits in with the “Disney experience”. More than just a studio, the company has various resorts and theme parks that appeal to adults and children alike. They have successfully created an identity that is easily recognisable and associated with high quality entertainment.

These brands are prime examples of how an identity can create an association, and even an emotive response in a consumer. Whether you’re a brand new start up or a small business looking to expand creating an identity can help. By having a clear message and a clear target market your brand can become a force to be reckoned with in its industry.

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