An audit can be a great way to evaluate your businesses financial competency. It can help you understand how your business is doing and recognise areas that need improvement. Simply put an audit is an evaluation of a company’s financial statements. After the evaluation, your auditor will give an opinion on how the company’s finances are doing. This is a great way for any potential investors or shareholders to gain an understanding of the business. Audits are often used during the sale of a business, to inform any potential buyers of the businesses financial integrity.

Finding the right auditor can be a challenging task. When looking for an auditor it can often seem like everyone is offering the same thing for a similar price. So how can you find the best auditor for your business? Here at Just Accountants we pride ourselves on our business understanding, what this means is that we don’t just pass you on to any old auditor! We take the time to get to know you and your business and then we evaluate your needs against our team of handpicked auditors ensuring that you have the best fit possible for your business.

Our three step process is simple and hassle free:

1. We receive your details from the quote form provided on our website at

2. We then match your specific requirements to our panel of approved auditors

3. You meet our recommended auditor and decide if you wish to take the relationship further

With these three steps we can help you save time and money. Our auditors will offer you competitive audit fees and will be in your locality. Audit fees can often be a big question mark for many companies as the fee can often depend on the size of your company. Apart from a reasonable fee, we can assure a relationship that will suit you and your specific requirements. Our auditors Services include:

  • Meeting regulatory compliance
  • Reassuring shareholders, lenders and creditors that your financial statements are reliable
  • Gathering information
  • Comparing statements to actual results
  • Independent analysis with advice

Our auditors are located around the country making them convenient for any of our clients to visit. By calling in and speaking to one of our team, you are instantly promised a range of auditors that are tailor made for your businesses needs.

So whether you are looking to sell your business or your shareholders have requested an audit our team of consultants can help. Our service is absolutely free of charge and at no point are you under any obligation until you sign with an auditor. For more information please visit or alternatively phone us on 0800 046 3690.

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