Finance is an integral part of any business, being profitable is the main aim of nearly every business. In order to remain profitable every company must analyse its finances and evaluate where they could save money and what they could do to improve their business. Often many business owners want to focus solely on growing and developing their business, however, having to manage their finances can be what is holding them back.

With a specialist area such as finance business owners can find themselves spending hours on trying to make sense of all their financial information. The option of hiring an accountant effectively means allowing a stranger to access your finances which can be quite a daunting prospect.

On the other hand with the right accountant your business could flourish. Finding someone who understands your business and can help it to grow will you give peace of mind, and more importantly time to work on furthering your business. There are many positive to having the right accountant for your business these include:

  • Being able to claim back some of your business costs through tax exemptions / relief. An accountant who is both, pro –active and current with the industry will be able to help your business meet the various criteria needed to be eligible for these schemes.
  • Advice / mentorship for your business. An accountant works with businesses on a daily basis which means that they are used to seeing what it takes to run a successful business. Your accountant can offer you advice with regards to any financial aspects of your business including investments and payroll.
  • Helping you to find a suitable funding option for you. In order to grow your business further there may come a point when you need external funding in order to facilitate this growth. An accountant can suggest a suitable loan for your business or perhaps an alternative financing method such as Invoice Finance.
  • Identifying and stopping drains on your businesses finances.  An accountant will be constantly evaluating your financial information and one of the great benefits of this is that they can see where you may be over spending and create a solution for you to save money more effectively.

If you feel that your current accountant doesn’t offer these services, there is a solution. Just Accountants is the solution you have been looking for. We offer you the chance to find your perfect accountant in an area convenient to you, risk free!

We have a panel of over 200 accountants that cover most of the UK. All of our accountants have been handpicked and are guaranteed to be pro-active, forward thinking and will ultimately help your business to grow. With our free service you will be able to find a perfect match for your business hassle free.

Our service has been broken down into four easy to manage steps:

  1. Contact our team via our contact form or alternatively you can call us on 0800 046 3690.
  2. We will be in touch with you to discuss your specific accounting requirements.
  3. We will then go away and match your needs with our panel of accountants.
  4. We present the options we have for you and you decide if you wish to carry on with the relationship. (At no point are you under any obligation to sign with the accountant we have presented to you)

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