With any business there are two main types of customers, those that are regulars and those that are new to your service. Getting your new customer to come back again, is not always an easy task. With most industries becoming highly competitive and a large shift to e-retailers getting the attention of the customer it is not always as simple as having a good product or service.

By encouraging repeat business you are ensuring that your business will remain strong and that sales will go up. Repeat business also helps to promote your business through the customer; if they are happy with the more likely it is that they will recommend you to others.

Here are some great ways you can encourage repeat business and help your business to grow.

  1. Go the extra mile – It is always important to show the customer that you care about them and what better way to do this then by going that little bit extra for them. Do something that a customer wouldn’t find at one of your competitors, whether it’s offering a personal shopper or simply carrying their bags to their car for them, these little touches can often stick in a customer’s mind and reinforce a positive experience.
  2. Service with a smile – A smile really does go a long way. By having a positive energy in your business it is sure to rub off on your customers. Your atmosphere should always be a friendly one and having a cheerful attitude can really help to promote this.
  3. Introduce a reward system – Reward loyalty; incentivise your customers to come back. This is a great way to show them just how much you value there custom. With many other companies implementing rewards systems this is definitely not something new however it can give your business the boost it needs.
  4. Relate to the customer – Your Company’s brand identity must click with your audience. Show the customer that you as a company are concerned about what they think and feel. Support causes that are relevant to them and be vocal about it on social media channels. Many large companies are the corporate sponsors of teams and causes to show the public that their company has a human side make sure yours does to.
  5. Stay in touch – Keep your customers posted on what’s going on with your company such as any news or offers you may be having. This can be done via email, social media or letters.
  6. Interact – Allow the customer to tell you what they think of your business. Take on board constructive criticism and use it to help further your business. This also allows the customer to feel like they are making a real difference in your company and that their opinions are valued.

These points could help bring your business a level of custom which will ultimately amount in more sales. The key ideas behind these points are to make the customer feel valued and give them a personal experience that they would not be able to get from your competitors.

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