From seasoned business owners to fledgling entrepreneurs everybody can make mistakes. Businesses are run by people and people of course have “human errors” the question is what are you doing to prevent this from happening?

In order to prevent as many errors as possible you must first identify the weak areas in your business and work to make them your strengths. A weakness could be in any department of your business from finance to customer service. There are some great indicators and tools that you can utilise to check your business is functioning to its full capacity.

Feedback – Always listen to your customer as they are the ones who are buying your products and services. This is a smart way of getting free advice on how to better your business by people who actually use your business! Social media can be a great outlet for the customer to discuss any issues or improvements they have for your business.

Accountants – Another great way to evaluate where your business is going wrong is to ask your accountant. Your accountant is ideally placed to be able to analyze all financial data and advise you on any “money pits” or areas which are not yielding a profit. A pro –active accountant should be doing this without being asked if you feel that your accountant is not helping your business to grow we have a solution.

Just Accountants is a company that has been developed to help companies source the best fit accountant for their business. We have over 200 accountants covering the UK; all of our accountants are guaranteed to be pro-active and great for your business. We can say this with confidence as we enjoy a personal relationship with each accountant and have taken the time out to evaluate their skills and expertise.

For more information on finding the perfect accountant for your business please fill out a contact form on our website or alternatively you can call us on 0800 046 3690

Happy workers = happy business – As stated before business is often about the people you have working for you. Keeping employees happy is sure increase pride in their work and ensure loyalty to your company. Just like your customers be sure to take feedback from 

Building your business is not going to happen overnight, however with the right strategy and attitude you can achieve success. Be sure to use all the tools and resources at your disposal, and always try and learn from the customer as ultimately they are the ones who will be using your business.

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