Selecting the right accountant for your business is no easy task. Each business is unique in every aspect from management strategy to sales techniques. Trusting your businesses financial affairs with an accountant who doesn’t understand your business can be detrimental to the growth and maintenance of your business.

When looking for an accountant you will often find that many offer similar services for similar prices and often there is no way of distinguishing which one is the best for you. An accountant is becoming more and more of an essential part of any business, finding someone who is proactive and can understand your business model and help you to make the right business decisions should be all part of the package. However in many cases we are seeing businesses that are not happy with the service provided to them by their accountants or feel that their accountant is not exploring new ways for them to save money.

Just Accountants is a free and impartial service designed to combat these issues. We offer businesses the opportunity to find an accountant that suits their needs. Our team here at Just Accountants will listen about what you want for your business as well as taking the time out to understand your business model and the industry you are in.

After a free initial consultation your consultant will then match your desired criteria with up to four accountants in your area. We will then present the options to you and you can decide whether or not you wish to meet with any of the accountants. At no time what so ever are you under any obligation to sign with any of the accountants we refer to you. Our service guarantees that there is no risk to you and gives you the chance to evaluate your options hassle free. We are confident that with our select panel of accountants we have the perfect match for your business. Our services include:

Book keepingA simple yet fundamental part of accounting. Every business will need this service to help record transactions. Prepare financial statements and maintain a sales ledger. A great new advancement in this service is the introduction of cloud based accountancy which allows for real time updates of all financial data.

Auditing Audits are often useful for businesses as they can help to evaluate financial performance and give a valuation of what that specific business is worth. Our accountants can carry out audits to the regulatory compliance and independently analyse and advise on what the business should be doing.

VAT ServicesInclude: Filling in VAT returns, negotiating and resolving HMRC issues on tax amounts and notifying you of any changes in VAT.

Payroll services Our accountants can handle any amount of employees from 1 to 1000+. Popular services in this field include recording and calculating employee wages, dealing with payroll taxes and dealing with HMRC queries.

Tax accounting services As well as being able to help you get the most out of your tax returns we can also offer advice on any issues of tax such as general advice, tax reductions you may be entitled to, informing you of any tax policy changes and much more.

We ensure that we have tailored your needs to the accountant we select for you. For more information how to find the best accountant for your business please visit or alternatively phone us on 0800 046 3690.

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