Businesses are on the rise. We have seen a huge movement towards the growth of new and existing businesses within the UK. With so much activity and growth in the economy many businesses have expanded from their “small business” status. This change in status will often require an assessment of a company’s financial statements otherwise known as an audit.

An audit is a useful tool to assess your businesses financial competency. It can help a business owner to understand their business better and alert them of any areas that need development. After an auditor has evaluated, your business they will give you an outlook on how the company’s finances are doing. Audits can often be requested by potential investors or shareholders to gain a rudimentary understanding of a businesses financial situation. Similarly that can be requested when selling a business.

With so many auditor options out there, why could your company benefit from the use of a local auditor?

A more personalised service

With a local auditor service you are guaranteed a more personal and tailor made service. With a local auditor you know exactly who you are dealing with, and won’t be bounced from department to department. Instead you are offered a less corporate, and more friendly approach as well as someone who will take their time to really appreciate your business.


An audit fee can vary and is largely dependent on the business in question. However due to larger companies leading the market many smaller firms are offering competitive rates to remain competitive.


Allowing someone that you don’t know to enter your business and access your financial documents can seem like a daunting prospect. Enter Just Accountants. Our auditors have a reputation within their communities through referrals and client recommendations. This really helps our perspective clients to gain an understanding of just who they will be dealing with.


Time is a strain for nearly every business. Being able to save as much time as possible is a need that many businesses require. Our auditors are situated all over the country and we can guarantee a geographically convenient auditor for your business ensuring that the service offered is the most fitting for you.

Here at Just Accountants we take the time to get to know you and your business and then we evaluate your needs against our team of handpicked auditors promising a fit that will be the best for your business. We have devised three quick and easy steps to get free and impartial advice to figure out the best move for your company.

Our three step process

1. We receive your details from the quote form provided on our website at

2. We then match your specific requirements to our panel of approved auditors

3. You meet our recommended auditor and decide if you wish to take the relationship further

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