In today’s world we are seeing a shift in most professions. What were once considered as personal service businesses are now becoming huge corporate machines, where everything is the same and there is no personal service any more. Accounting is no different. Once a localised profession it has now boomed into what could be perceived as an automated system with a lack of human appeal. With so much competition in the sector why would a local account be the best choice?

A more personalised service

Within a small accountancy practice one key difference that they possess, as opposed to larger firms, is the ability to build personal relationships. With a smaller firm you know exactly who you are dealing with, you won’t be bounced from department to department and more than likely you will have direct contact with your account rather than just someone in the office.


An accountant’s fee can vary dramatically. In order to remain competitive within the marketplace we see that smaller firms are offering more competitive rates for their services in order to compete with larger firms.  Choosing a smaller firm could be a key advantage for a small business in keeping costs down.


Business is a very personal thing for the business owner, and trusting your finances with just anybody can be a risky move. This issue has made many businesses wary of accountants and rightly so. This is where local accountants come in. A local accountant has a reputation within the community and normally through referral and recommendations so you know exactly what you may be facing. This unique trait may seem unusual but before the boom of the internet generation this was the norm, ensuring that you had a trustworthy accountant through recommendation and reputation.


Being able to reach your accountant and having a friendly impression of them is important. Like any aspect of business, getting on with your accountant is a must. With a smaller firm you may experience better service due to their size. They are more likely to work harder to keep a client than a larger firm would as losing a client would be a greater loss to the business.


Time is money in every business. Being able to save as much time as possible is a need that many businesses require. By electing to use a local accountant you will be saving precious time as they will be on your doorstep and readily available. Additionally, if any accounting emergencies were to arise it would be easier for you to visit the accountant, rather than dealing with them over the phone.

We can see that there are some major benefits in using a local accountant. Many businesses find looking for an accountant who is approachable and conveniently located an issue. Local accountants may be a solution to this problem as well as being a solution for businesses looking for a more personalised and trustworthy service.

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