A good accountant will deliver not only significant savings regarding the day to day running of your business and realising tax benefits but also support you with the potentially stressful matters related to HMRC, tax, payroll, bookkeeping, auditing and other accountancy services. The accountancy industry is no different to any other, it is always changing and evolving and if you do not regularly check the market how can you be sure that your accountant is at the leading edge and providing you with not only the best advice?

When should you change accountants?

Accountant Relationship. There may be a problem with the relationship between you and your current accountant. You should be able to work together in order to solve issues and get the most value out of any situation. But if this does not seem to be happening, it may be a good time to start looking for a more suitable accountant who works with you and meets your needs.

A change in your business. Have you changed status from sole trader to a limited company, from limited to LLP? Have you possibly out grown your accountant, is his specialist subject no longer relevant to your business structure?

Your accountant retires. Maybe, it is as simple as your accountant is intending to cease operating as an accountant, he’s retiring, moving away, travelling the world. Obviously, this leaves you without the accountant you need!

Why change accountants?

Other than the reasons above, it is advisable to look at your options when it comes to accountants every two to three years is recommended to ensure your current accountant is competitive with both the fees and the services it provides.

Here are the top reasons why you may want to look into changing your accountant today:

  • Experience – A different accountant from your existing one may have better current and up to date experience for your present needs. This can add significant value to your businesses financial health which you may not have thought of previously.
  • Fees – Do you know if your accountant is charging a market competitive rate? You will want to compare multiple accountants in order to discover the answer to this, something Just Accountants can do for you for free.
  • Services – A lot of accountants offer additional value add services and pride themselves on being proactive to provide advice for your businesses future and wellbeing. If you are not aware of all of the services an accountant can offer, you may find it useful to have a look at our services page.
  • Cloud Accountancy – There are new software packages out there which dramatically speed up the accountancy process, allowing faster, more accurate responses from your accountant, a good accountant will pass on the benefits to their client resulting in a reduction in fees.
  • Enthusiasm and a fresh outlook – There are new accountancy firms starting up every month in your region, why not take a look be sure you are getting the best service, advice and paying appropriate fees. What is the best way to change accountants?

Changing your accountant is as easy as changing your doctor, your accountant has a duty to ensure the transfer of your accounts are simple and stress free.

References, internet searches and directory sites are some of the common methods to begin a search to find an accountant. However, as self-loving as it sounds, we think the best way to change accountants is probably through us. By using Just Accountants, you receive up to four quotes from accountants which have been chosen specifically for your needs, so you know you are getting the experience and services you need at the market competitive rates you deserve.

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