Working within the legal sector can be tough at the best of times. In this industry time is always sparse and an accountant can be the last thing on your mind. The rules and regulations set forward by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) can be complex and hard to follow. Often in the legal profession something as simple as an accountant can be pretty low down on your priority list, but it is essential for you to further your practice.

When looking for an accountant in a specialized field such as the legal sector, it is vital that the accountant you are dealing with has the relevant knowledge and expertise in the field. Your accountant must be able to comply with all the regulations set forth by the SRA in order to uphold your company’s reputation, failure to do so can result in your firm gaining a bad reputation which can then have an undesirable effect on your practice.

Trust and reputation are two things that have to be upheld in order to remain in good standing within the legal community. Accountants acting for solicitors can either help to make or break the reputation of a firm.  Finding an accountant and putting trust in them can be a challenging task.


The SRA has developed a series of principles that are designed to protect both the solicitor and the client. “A firm must:

  • Protect client money and assets
  • Act with integrity
  • Behave in a way that maintains the trust the public places in the solicitor and in the provision of legal services
  • Comply with legal and regulatory obligations and deal with regulators and ombudsmen in an open, timely and co-operative manner; and
  • Run the business or carry out a role in the business effectively and in accordance with proper governance and sound financial and risk management principles.”

How can we help?

Just Accountants are a 100% free and impartial accountancy finder for businesses in any sector. We have a select panel of accountants around the country who have all been handpicked by our expert consultants. We have evaluated these accountants to make sure that there customer service is excellent and that they will be able to fit in with your business.

All of our accountants have a pro-active attitude and will help to benefit your business. Knowing them personally we can guarantee that they will be approachable and knowledgeable in your field as well as being located close to you for your convenience.


Beneath are some of the services our accountants offer:

  • Auditing
  • SRA accountants’ reports
  • Tax returns (including Partnership tax returns)
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial compliance and risk planning
  • Tax advice
  • Payroll support

How does it work?

Our free and easy 5 step system will save you time and money:

  1. Contact us through the form on our homepage.
  2. You will then be contacted by one of our consultants to discuss your requirements.
  3. He or she will recommend up to four best-fit accountants for your business.
  4. You then decide which accountants you would like to speak to (we can recommend the best-fitting candidate to save you time).
  5. The accountant will be in contact to discuss your requirements in further detail.

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