Work is a part of our daily routine it’s something we have to do, but does that mean we shouldn’t enjoy it? Staying motivated through a long day at work is no easy task. Whether you’re staring at a computer screen for hours on end or you’re on your feet, you can often find yourself counting down the seconds until home time. These kinds of feelings can become common in the workplace and can mean a serious decrease in employee morale and productivity.

How do you combat these issues? Below are some useful tips and techniques on how to stay motivated and increase your productivity in the workplace.

  1. Set yourself goals – What do you want to achieve out of your work? Set these as your goals, use them as motivation and a reminder as to why you are there. A common goal is progression, plan how are you going to get there and what you will have to do, keep this at the forefront of your mind at all times.
  2. Socialize / Link build – Work can be a chance to make new friends and create useful business contacts, see your colleagues as such. The people you work with can be much more than just people you work with!
  3. Showcase your skills – Don’t be afraid to show off. You may have some hidden skills or talents that could be used productively in your office. Showing them off can inform your colleagues and your boss that you may be able to add more value to the business.
  4. Be positive – Being positive will ensure that you bring a strong energy into the office and is sure to rub off on your colleagues. Positivity is a great way to diffuse high stress and high pressure situations within the office.
  5. Learn – Learn new things and add to your skill set. Increasing your knowledge base is essential to rise through the ranks at work and can serve as a good reminder for why you are there in the first place.
  6. Plan your day – By allocating time throughout your day to various tasks you are ensuring your tasks will get done. Giving yourself a deadline can help quicken your work pace and help you to maintain focus.
  7. Be passionate – Show genuine enthusiasm for what you do! Keep current with your industry and voice opinions you have. This will help to show your management that you are more than just an employee, and that you have an interest in what you do.
  8. Don’t stress – Stressing about something is the same as wasting time and is the worst thing you can do in the work place. If you have a task that seems challenging the best thing to is to get stuck in, not worry about how you are going to do it.
  9. Give some time to you – Take ten minutes out of your day and the craziness of your schedule just to self reflect. This can really help you relax your mind and escape from the stresses and strains of the work place.
  10.  See results – Look at what you have done, how has it contributed to your company? Take pride in your good results and use this to help motivate your future work.

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