At the end of each year it is customary to make a resolution for something you are going to do better. More often than not these are never carried out and are seen as just something you do once a year. For a business a new year’s resolution should be based on a reflection of the previous year and what can be done better and to a higher standard.

The start of a new year is a great opportunity to further your business. Creating some resolutions for your business is a great way to put things in perspective and reach your goals. Below are ten resolutions that your business may find beneficial.

  1. Learn from your customers – Listen to what your customers have to say about your business. Don’t be afraid to take onboard constructive criticism, use this to help develop your business. After all your business will be useless if the customer is not happy with it.
  2. Expand your network – Build your contacts in your industry; develop your online profile on websites such as LinkedIn. Keep your contacts updated with what you and your business are doing and look at how it can benefit them.
  3. Increase productivity – Evaluate yourself and see where you are wasting time or being unproductive. Work to try and get rid of these bad habits and focus yourself on being more productive.
  4. Know your workforce – Take the time and familiarise yourself with your employees. By getting to know your workforce you can boost staff morale and ultimately increase the productivity of your business.
  5. Organise for the future – Look to what the future holds and plan accordingly. Schedule any major business dates and look at any deals or offers you may want to include. Missing a key business date can be detrimental to the development of your business.
  6. Plug the drains on your finances – Analyse your financial statements for the year and close any potential money pits down as soon as possible, if it hasn’t made you any money so far chances are it won’t in the New Year.
  7. Get the right accountant for your business – With the New Year means a new opportunity for you to get the right staff. Here at Just Accountants we have sourced the best accountants from around the country to fit virtually any business for more information on finding the right accountant for your business why not give us a call on 0800 046 3690 or alternatively fill in the application form on our homepage.
  8. Try new things – Doing things in new ways can help to improve your business. Keep current and with the times as far as your industry is concerned and always show your target market that you are a trend setter in your market.
  9. Embrace change – The only thing we can say with certainty when looking at business is that it is in a constant state of flux. As such you must be too.
  10. Stick to your resolutions! – Don’t be one of the many who wish they had kept their resolutions, be the one who does! By keeping your consistency your business is sure to get recognised by the right people.

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