Freelance & IT Contractor Accountants

Freelance & IT Contractor Accountants

Finding a chartered accountant who specialises in consultant and freelancer law is without a doubt a difficult task. Matters like IR35 require specialist knowledge; you will also want an accountant you feel comfortable working close with when you need to.

Our Specialist Accountants for IT contractors can offer you:

  • Protection. Did you know that the cost of being caught within the IR35 is 14% of your contract value? Our accountants will ensure that this never happens.
  • Knowledge on the best way to pay yourself and your bill expenses.
  • Help changing from an umbrella company to starting your own, saving you 14% on contract values and taking most of the extra responsibility it entails.
  • Updates on the vast amount of upcoming deadlines which come with your business type.

How does finding an accountant work through Just Accountants?

Our service will help provide you with quotes from freelance accountants who are specialised in dealing with subjects such as IR35 and other consultant-specific laws.

We do prefer you fill in our short quote form as it allows us to quickly match your needs to our specialist network of accountants. This means that we are ready to provide you with quotes from IT consultant accountants that perfectly match your business and location on our first call.

You will then receive a quick call from us confirming your requirements and we will finalise your accountant matches. We will also provide continuous on-going support, ensuring that you are happy with your choice.

Why use Just Accountants?

Our service is entirely free and we have no obligations for you to choose any of the accountants we offer. Using our service does provide a few vital advantages:

  • Market Competitive Rates: Our accountants are aware that they are competing against other accountants, so it is in their best interests to provide you with the best rates.
  • We search for you: Searching the web and asking your network takes time and there is no guarantee that the accountant will be right for you. We search the top accountants local to you within our specialist network of accountants and do the work for you.
  • Free initial consultation: We ensure you will receive a free consultation so you can be sure you are happy with your potential accountant before you sign up for anything.

To receive your free quotes from the best fit freelance IT accountants in your area, fill in our form. Alternatively, give us a call on 020 7001 9143 for a quick chat with the accountant matching experts within our dedicated Just Accountants team.

Free quotes from our panel of accountants.