Limited Company Accountants

Limited Company Accountants

Limited company accounts require specialist knowledge of how these companies work. For example, did you know:

  • What tax benefits limited companies may be entitled to, and how to claim them?
  • The rules about paying dividends?
  • How best to draw a Director’s salary?
  • How to repay a Director’s loan?
  • How to keep on the right side of tax and HMRC compliance (including IR35)?
  • How to choose the most appropriate VAT scheme?
  • How to make the maximum claim against new plant machinery and other assets?
  • How to reduce your overheads?
  • How to save money and maximise cash flow?

A limited company accountant can help you with these and more.

Limited company accountants can also help with daily, monthly or yearly accounting tasks like filing paperwork according to HMRC deadlines, preparing your company’s annual accounts, updating your financial records, and auditing limited company accounts.

They can also advise in the accountancy and financial aspects of setting up of a new limited company.

If you are looking for support with any of the above, Just Accountants can put you in touch with professional limited company accountants. These accountants will provide invaluable advice and assistance when it comes to all aspects of a limited company’s financial transactions.

Proactive Limited Company Accountants

We are connected to a network of accountants and accountancy firms who can help beyond basic bookkeeping and payroll accounting. The accountants we’ll recommend to you are dynamic and proactive, and will work their hardest to help your business save money, as well as divert funds for the purposes of business growth.

Just Accountants work with accountants who are not only bookkeepers but who can also advise on other financial matters, providing great support to limited company Financial Directors.

Find A Limited Company Accountant

Just Accountants will help you find an accountant to suit your limited company. Our service is FREE and you are under no obligation to sign up with an accountant.

How it works:

  1.  Call us on 020 7001 9143. Alternatively you can email us at or fill in a ‘Get Quote’ form and one of our consultants will be in touch as soon as possible.
  2. One of our expert consultants will discuss your accountancy requirements with you.
  3. The consultant will recommend accountants for your limited company.
  4. You can speak to the accountant to decide whether you want to work with them.
  5. You pay us nothing, as our referral service is free.

Why Just Accountants?

Every business is unique. We will make our recommendations based on your business size, type and industry. As we work with accountants throughout the UK, we will recommend the best-fit limited company accounting services for your company that are conveniently placed to advise you.

As we have a large nationwide network of accountants, they offer competitive rates through us that may not be offered elsewhere.

If you’re looking for specialist limited company accountants who can best advise your business and help it grow, speak to Just Accountants today.

Free quotes from our panel of accountants.